Payout Services

CyberSource Payouts enables businesses or government offices to take advantage of Visa Direct and Mastercard MoneySend to deliver funds directly to a recipient’s eligible Visa or Mastercard account.
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Unlike a purchase transaction, which debits a cardholder's account, Visa Direct and Mastercard Send credit the cardholder's account. Funds are made available to the recipient as quickly as within 30 minutes or a maximum of two business days, depending on the recipient’s issuing bank.
You can implement Payouts services as part of the following types of business flows:
  • Credit card bill payment
    —originator enables customers to pay a credit card bill.
    Credit card bill payments are not the same as Visa Bill Pay.
  • Funds disbursements
    —originator sends funds to a recipient’s payment card account.
  • Money transfer
    —originator enables customers to send funds to their own payment card account or to another person’s payment card account.
  • Prepaid load
    —originator enables customers to load or reload funds to an eligible reloadable prepaid card.
No merchant goods are involved in Payouts transactions.
To enable a person-to-person money transfer, you first withdraw funds from the account the sender is using to fund the transaction. One way to withdraw funds from a card account or debit account with a linked payment card is using an Account Funding Transaction (AFT). Currently, the Payouts service does not support AFTs.
You must screen senders and recipients using relevant watch lists according to local laws and be compliant with all anti-money-laundering and know-your-customer regulations.