• Test APIs without writing any code
  • The API Reference Page offers a Live Console that points to the Sandbox Environment. 
  • It uses API endpoint : https://apitest.Payzli.com 
  • You can test your integration in the sandbox before you go live.
  • Sandbox transactions are for testing purposes only are run against a Simulator
  • You should not perform load or stress testing in the sandbox, and simulated gateways and processors are not available.

You can sign up for a Sandbox Account here

After you sign up successfully, you should receive an email with instructions to create Sandbox Account on Enterprise Business Portal

If you do not receive an email,

  • Ensure that your sign up was successful and a confirmation message was displayed
  • Please check the spam folder in your inbox
  • Alternatively, you can raise a support request here
There are two forms of authentication available:
  • HTTP Signature is a hash-based method which uses a shared secret key.  
    • A shared secret key is a Base64-encoded transaction key string.
    • You authenticate to the API using this key, which is unique to your account.
    • Payzli uses it to connect your website or API integration to the Payzli Payment Gateway for transaction processing.
    • It is different from your login credentials for the Merchant Portal
  • JSON Web Token (JWT). This requires signing a P12 Certificate 
    • A certificate is one way to authenticate to APIs.
    • The certificate contains public and private keys unique to your account.
    • Payzli generates the public key.
    • You generate the private key from a Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) file provided by Payzli.
    • Note: Certificate authentication uses a PKCS12 key file with the .p12 extension to digitally sign your API request message before transmitting it to Payzli

If you do not have a Merchant Portal account, sign up.

Use your Merchant Portal account to create a P12 Certificate for JSON Web Token Authentication

  • Yes! For your convenience, Payzli provides SDKs for 6 popular development languages and are hosted on GitHub. You can find SDK Overview here
  • If you have a need to build a custom solution with direct API requests to our endpoints, you can modify the samples SDK to include specific examples from API reference for your custom scenario

Payzli's Response code page provides

  • status
  • reason
  • error and 
  • response code information

Please visit our API evolution guide to get the latest information on upcoming features.

Payzli's Flex Microform solution provides tools to build PCI-compliant sites and apps. To understand all of the options available to you, see our Flex microform documentation.

Yes! Check out our Developer Forum here.

Also find our Developer Announcement Blog here.

You are responsible for maintaining communication with Payzli servers. Set your client applications that communicate with Payzli to direct requests to a host name and not an IP address.