Enabling Mutual Authentication

OAuth uses mutual authentication to provide an additional layer of security. Mutual authentication occurs when two parties authenticate each other at the same time. A server-to-server certificate from Entrust must be used for mutual authentication. Before registering your application, follow these steps. To complete Steps 1-3, contact Entrust support.
  1. Create a new key pair and Certificate Signing Request, using a server-to-server certificate from Entrust.
  2. Submit the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to Entrust Certificate Support and provide the required details.
  3. Entrust verifies your request, and if they approve it, they issue the certificate in an email to the technical contact for your account.
  4. Share the certificate's common name with your Cybersource technical contact, and the contact will add it to the Cybersource whitelist.
To test your own application, you can use the certificate that is available with the Cybersource sample application code, hosted on Github.